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Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Definition of Unbalance

None uniform mass distribution around the axis of rotation

A Rotor is unbalanced when its mass is not evenly distributed around the axis of rotation
From definition it is clear that it makes no sense to speak of unbalance without defining the axis of rotation, that is the ideal line around which the mass distribution is considered.

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Every rotor can be divided into different sections (perpendicular to the axis of rotation) each one having its own unbalance.

When in rotation, a rotor experiencing unbalance will want to revolve around its mass centre axis and because this motion is restricted by bearings, the resulting centrifugal fource will cause excessive vibration.

This vibration can be catastrophic - creating unnecesary wear to bearings and more noise.

If the correct action is not taken to address unbalance, the result can be as dramatic as a total breakdown of the rotor.

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