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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Couple Unbalance

A Definition of Couple Unbalance

The total unbalance is called couple unbalance if the equivalent unbalance is made by two vectors placed on two different planes having equal values and opposite directions.

 (The axis of inertia cuts the axis of rotation passing through the centre of mass)

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Of course values Us and Ud (unbalance value in the two sections) are equal.
For example: if the declared couple unbalance value is 6000 gr.cm.cm and the distance between the two balancing planes is  15 cm, then the unbalance per plane is  6000/15 =400gr.cm (4000 g.mm ). If the balancing radius on each plane is 20 cm, then the unbalance per plane is 400/20=20grams (the two unbalances on each plane are equal in value but opposite in the angle position)
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