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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Understanding Required Balancing Tolerances

The following drawing defines the required balancing tolerance according to  ISO 1940/1.standards:

NOTE: The table in my previous blog defines the required balancing quality G according to each rotor type.

The maximum service speed is reported on the horizontal x axis , while the acceptable specific unbalance (acceptable unbalance per unit of mass or acceptable residual mass eccentricity ) is reported on the vertical y axis.

The following formula can be used instead of the previous diagram:

Where: Et [] = total acceptable mass eccentricity
N [RPM] = Maximum service rotor speed
G [mm/s] = Balancing quality or grade
Total residual accepted unbalance: U [gr∙mm] = Et∙M
where: M [kg] = Rotor mass
Total residual admitted unbalance in grams is  where R [mm] is the compensation radius.

This is all very technical stuff and most likely, only of interest to a very small number of people who enjoy the complexities of balancing as much as myself!

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