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Friday, 8 May 2015

Latest Software Success From Balancing Expert Cemb Hofmann UK

The latest development at Cemb Hofmann UK is the intutive software which has been released for balancing flexible rotors.

This software will help users to achieve optimum results and the best possible balancing - through the use of pre-set balancing planes (2 or 3 planes) within only one measuring cycle.

During the same measurement, multiple readers are performed automatically in sequence and at varying speeds.

By comparing these measurements with the coefficients obtained during calibration stage, users can utilise reliable data and balance the rotor with only one measuring cycle.

This proceedure will stop automatically for the safety of both machine and operator if the rotor has excessively high unbalance. If this situation arises, the software will save the correction values which were measured at lower speed before stopping. Because of this functionality, the operator will be able to conduct a pre-balancing cycle, enabling the reduction of initial unbalance and making final measurement possible at maximum speed.

Using a pre-balanced shaft, calibration is obtained and the rotor is able to run at the maximum defined speed. Should this software not be enabled, the balancing machine will work as a standard hard bearing machine with manual speed adjustment.

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