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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Balancing tolerances calculated according to the maximum admitted load on the bearings

The goal of balancing is to reduce loads /vibrations on the supporting frames, in order to achieve an acceptable life.

The unbalance introduces internal couples and rotating forces on the bearings.  As a consequence, the residual acceptable unbalance can be calculated by stating a maximum acceptable value for the rotating (centrifugal forces) generated by the unbalance in service conditions.

A possible rule is to state that the rotating force is kept below 10 percent of the static load.(USA navy standards)

Dynamic and static balancing machine expert

It is worth pointing out that according to API and to ISO standards, the accepted residual eccentricity (unbalance) varies with the relationship is linear while with the last rule (USA navy standards ) it varies with the inverse of the square of the speed (as the speed increases the accepted residual unbalance decreases rapidly.)

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